Breast Reconstruction Photos

When this page was started it was with the best of intentions. However, it requires time and resources that we, at the BRCA Sisterhood just don’t have, which is why it’s sat here for awhile, unused.

That said, it’s come on my radar again that pictures of all types of reconstruction photos are very much needed. It is incredibly helpful during the decision making process, to be able to see photos of breasts after reconstruction.

gallery_tracey As most of you know, The BRCA Sisterhood is a proud supporter of Facing our Risk of Cancer, Empowered (FORCE). There is actually an entire, secure, area at the FORCE website dedicated to reconstruction photos. As I said, this is a secure area, which requires a login and password to view photos. Please stop by and request login access. Also, please consider sharing your own pictures with FORCE (which can be done through the link I am sharing here). There are always more women who want to see, than there are women who want to share. You don’t have to include your head in these photos, so you’ll still maintain a degree of anonymity. I plan on going through my surgery pictures and getting mine uploaded soon, I hope those of you who’ve been through your reconstruction will do the same.

The link for reconstruction photos on FORCE is:


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