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When this page was started it was with the best of intentions. However, it requires time and resources that we, at the BRCA Sisterhood just don’t have, which is why it’s sat here for awhile, unused.

That said, it’s come on my radar again that pictures of all types of reconstruction photos are very much needed. It is incredibly helpful during the decision making process, to be able to see photos of breasts after reconstruction.

gallery_tracey As most of you know, The BRCA Sisterhood is a proud supporter of Facing our Risk of Cancer, Empowered (FORCE). There is actually an entire, secure, area at the FORCE website dedicated to reconstruction photos. As I said, this is a secure area, which requires a login and password to view photos. Please stop by and request login access. Also, please consider sharing your own pictures with FORCE (which can be done through the link I am sharing here). There are always more women who want to see, than there are women who want to share. You don’t have to include your head in these photos, so you’ll still maintain a degree of anonymity. I plan on going through my surgery pictures and getting mine uploaded soon, I hope those of you who’ve been through your reconstruction will do the same.

The link for reconstruction photos on FORCE is:


Showing and telling makes all the difference!

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in awhile.  I’ve been busy and the amount of requests for this site has slowed down tremendously.

This past weekend I attended the 7th Annual Joining FORCE’s conference in Orlando, FL.  Every year they offer a “Show and Tell” room where previvors and survivors agree to bravely reveal their breasts to anyone who walks in the room (women only of course!).  They group themselves into their categories of reconstruction (Not reconstructed, Flap procedures, Expander to Implants, etc).   Champagne, wine and other refreshments were offered.  It was a party!

I walked in with friends just to “see” who was in there.  I am part of the “all done” club and therefore was only going in for curiosity’s sake.  Within 15 minutes and after 2 glasses of champagne, my shirt was off too! Hahaha  I stood, shoulder to shoulder, with other BRCA sisters like me.  It didn’t matter that their chest looked a little different, it mattered that we all cared enough to get passed our own inhibitions to help others.  The night inspired others and gave them hope.  Yes there were a few who were shell-shocked and walked out, but I believe the majority of the participants and viewers there experienced a renewed faith that we all will be “okay”.

It has always been my belief that taking the “unknowing” out of a situation diminishes your fear.  I need to see the good, the bad and the ugly.  I want to know what I’m up against at all times and find comfort in the photos, stories and real life images of my fellow sisters.  We are not our mutation and we haven’t let us stop us!  Hell, two reconstructed sisters (young and umm…older) got down on the ground and had a push-up competition!  Simply inspiring and humorous since they were topless!

So…my sisters of the world….I hope this site and the one on the FORCE website brings you peace and hope.  That is in fact why we are all here to begin with.

Lisa xo

SGK and PP….Inform Yourselves!

Tons of articles are circulating now about Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood. I’m not going to get into the debate on whether they were right or wrong (and/or whether PP is right or wrong) but I urge you to take a moment and understand what has been brought to light. Those with metastatic breast cancer are the ones we should be working the hardest for! They are the ones dying of cancer. They are the ones the CURE should be found for. I personally will no longer support an organization that barely contributes to the research for those like my mom. If helping those currently dying of cancer is not the goal, than what is?

The thing is, I, like many people, blindly contributed (monetarily, running races, etc) to Susan G. Komen without really knowing where the money was going.  All the pink ribbon merchandise and races became so popular, so highly marketable, that I just fell into the sea of followers.  I’ve realized this month that my laziness in regards to where and what I spend my time and money on isn’t good.  Like politics, I’m making myself spend time every day learning about the pressing issues and candidates so I can make an informed decision in November.  Helping fund a non-profit organization like SGK is important like picking the president of the United States.  We pick the people we expect to carry out our goals and wishes.  In SGK’s case, it is to help find a cure.

When you read the statistics on where their money actually goes, it’s maddening.  All I know is my mother has been urging me to take notice to the fact that the metastatic breast cancer community has been forgotten and greatly overlooked.  They’re almost looked at as the “lost cause” of the all-to-beautiful pink ribbon campaign.

Please go out and inform yourselves.  Let’s not be complacent any longer!

With Love,


Like I said…. :o)


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